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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Happy Trails to all of you who are at, or will be at Houston this week for the National. I haven't missed a National since I started going so I'm sad to not see all of my friends! We don't ever have enough times during the course of a year to get together so me missing one of the more important ones makes me very sad.

That being said I am working for my sister still and its a busy week for taxes.....

I am gearing up for spring yard clean ups now that our snow has finally melted.....

I am still lambing, and we have two calves on the ground too.....

Daisy is really getting large! In the last few days she has really gotten huge and I am feeding her four times a day as she just doesn't seem to have enough room to eat. Now I wonder how she will make it the next few weeks....she honestly seemed to have um....blossomed over night.

Safe travels everyone and I hope to get lots of texts with updates!!

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