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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daisy's time is fast approaching

Daisy is due to whelp anywhere from Easter Sunday to May Day. She was bred four times over the course of a week and on the fourth breeding was STILL flagging and Levi was STILL wanting to breed her. So we shall see when she does officially go. Her temps have been constant around 100 degrees and she's been not eating all her food, even though I'm feeding her more often.

She is enjoying the suite accommodations of the whelping box but I have yet to break it to her that its not permanent ;)

Pending a huge disaster of a whelp, I'm going to use flowers that start with C for puppy call names. Registered Names I can not think of clever things, and of course my OCD/stubbornness insists on having something to do with the letter "C" because its my third litter. I have not the foggiest idea of what to think of for names. Perhaps that will come as the puppies grow.

Any suggestions? :)


D. Nelson said...

How about Candy??

penni said...

movies, songs, books, beverages -- plenty of c's in all those categories

penni said...

Oh -- and games: Canasta, cribbage, etc.

Rayna said...

*doing the happy excited dance*

Kodi said...


Not a lot of good boy names in there.... tough letter for flowers...