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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eating my words

Boy did my dogs make a liar out of me!

Yesterday when the temps were an all time high for the year so far (67 degrees for those keeping track), my friend Kody and I took the dogs for a walk to our north pasture, along a field road in the heart of our acreage. The dogs were doing really well, as always, off lead, and would come when called, and would stay close by.

I started telling Kody stories about the dogs. Like when Sadie got her name "princess sadie" because she would go well out of her way to avoid any mud, or water puddles on the farm because she was above all of that. I told Kody about how Zoe could never quite figure out how to get across large ponds (she didn't know well enough to go AROUND IT, so would just sit and bark at me). After about four or five stories we came upon a giant spring lake. You know the ones that don't stick around for more than a few weeks..... As I was telling Kody about how my dogs don't swim.... guessed it. They made a liar out of me! Naturally the first two in the water were Ballantyne and Brewer. They had a fascination over the kiddie pool as puppies but what made it worse was they had JUST been given baths the night before. They were up to their chins swimming around the lake. Before I could back pedal on my story all of the dogs (minus Oliver and Daisy who were left in the house) were swimming around.....EVEN SADIE the PRINCESS! I could not believe my eyes! And naturally no camera to record such a thing. I bet if I went again alone not one of them would enter the water.

It was a 'good' water pond too. The ones with the mucky water, the slim, the algae, the goo. The stuff that stains their coats.....and smells REALLY nasty. so yes ALL the corgis AND Mitcham..

Humble Pie? Eating my words? I'm not a liar, but I sure felt like was I embarrassed.

But the good thing I guess is all the dogs slept REALLY well last night and they were VERY happy when we got home. If only they'd learn how to bathe themselves.....


Jules said...

Oh that's funny! I bet you enjoyed seeing them all swim though, even if you had to deal with the smell and muck after!

Rayna said...