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Friday, December 11, 2009

Still getting cuter...

I just couldn't resist these photos this morning....

And I found the blue faced girl under a I moved her in to the photo :)
the half masked girl is either Big Bertha or Calamity Jane....because she IS always so dramatic and causing a stir. These are of course just puppy names. I want to think of better call names depending on who i keep. Registered names are still being thought up.

I wanted to go with a "thankful" theme as it was over the Thanksgiving weekend AND I am very thankful for the four puppies I have and thankful that Zoe is being such a wonderful mom.

I have a couple of ideas but can't find my list, so if you think of any, do let me know.

Some that came to mind were Ebonwalds Smthng 2 B thnkfl 4, Ebonwalds Blessed Be, Ebonwalds Count your Blessings (or count your lucky stars). etc etc.


Baledwr said...

I like using Blessed (better than thankful) - with 4 puppies you can hone that litter theme down :)

Even the simple word Blessed (there are several movies and songs/albums with that title)

May you be Blessed (another movie)

Lots of religious references if that's your way (mine is more along the lines of Blessed Be)

They look like puppies now, the fun part comes soon!

gertie said...

Many thanks for the new pictures! Any plans on posting video clips? *sheepish grin*

Have you allowed any of your other canine pack members to investiagte the pups, or is it still too soon? I'm curious to hear how Zoe relates to her pack when they are around her pups.

I'll probably never have a litter of my own, so I am living this experience vicariously through you and your website Garrett. :)

Cynthia said...

Hey guy. Zoe was always such a magic girl for you yet I don't hear the details about her since the magical birth. What gives? Another case of the mom was great until the babes were out..and now she's just food? LOL, I just KNOW that isn't what you meant!

I've adored Zoe since her first puppy shots and am thrilled about her mama-hood. We need some Zoe photos with details about her mothering. Yeah Zoe.

Rayna said...

LOVE the blue faced girl still!

Wanda ~ Bendi Cardigans said...

Babies are beautiful and growing fast. I agree . . . more pictures of Momma Zoe. :-)

Sherilyn said...

The pups are growing SO quickly!! and very cute! Zoe being a great mommy! :)

Blessings from above?

May you be blessed?

Kelly said...

Ebonwalds Thankful for you (thankful 4 U)
Ebonwalds Thank Heaven or Thank Heaven I'm blessed

Ebonwalds Thank You Very Much (or you go Elvis and add and have Thank you, Thank you Very much)