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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Face Photos for Sarah (and a daily cute too!)

I admit. I've been having WAY TOO MUCH FUN watching and playing with and holding the puppies. Tonight was the first night of them playing with each other. I did a tiny video but I'm sure it will take 100 hours like Sarah said to upload, and its not in the best of lighting :) SO, for today, here are the photos......

Below are Janey and Alamo cuddling. Alamo I captured yawning :)





I think this is one of my favorite photos so far. The joys of puppies! Alamo looks so happy :)

And this is the puppies biggest fan! ELL has taken to these puppies like a duck to water. She is so inquisitive, and when I allow her to, she jumps into the box with them, sniffs them all and tries to get them to play. She is such a love and is SO good with the puppies. Zoe just can't be in the room as she is VERY protective yet of the puppise from everyone...except Sadie....who she allows in the xpen and doesn't growl at her....must be because Sadie is Alpha....


Cynthia said...

Now the fun begins Garrett. I love this "I'm ALIVE" stage for puppies. The falling all over each other as they try to walk, jump, nip.

Enjoy sweetie; this ends so fast and then you are onto early training and then, sigh, departure. They are much too precious.

Jules said...

Oh my! They are just so darling.

C-Myste said...

I think Ava has blue eyes?

Traci said...

too too cute!!! I can't believe how fast babies grow! :)

Sarah said...

Yay! Thanks. :-) I think Alamo and my little red girl with the white head would be a really cute pair. :-)

This morning I went upstairs to find both the boy pups out of the box, Syd wiggling and dashing around, and both boys chasing her. They were such a cute family playing together. Let the circus begin!!!

Ell is so sweet, she looks just so curious.

gertie said...

Thanks for the details Garrett! Nice to hear news of Sadie continuing to run the show around there. ;)

Do you know how to convert your video files to another format like MPG or WMV? If you can reduce the file size of the clip down to under 100Mbs. you can upload to YouTube. I'm dying to see those pups in action, so please let me know if you need help with video. I'm a Webmaster by trade so I've been down that road a few times.

Thanks again for the pix! Alamo continues to rock my world!