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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photos of pups at 2 weeks - edited!

tedFresh Bedding makes for better photos :) Zoe hasn't been pictured much because usually when I take pictures there is a lot of discharge or stains in the photos. I don't think they make for appetizing photos. Then again most people are demanding (and threatening) new puppy assumed Zoe didn't need the limelight :)

Here is Zo-Momma enjoying some supper. The babies are really crawling all over the box now. Its hard to keep them still!
Here is Calamity Jane the half mask girl. She is still the biggest pup by 6 ounces!
Two photos of the blue faced girl. I'm still thinking of a puppy name....and it may end up being her call I want it to be an "A" name. I'm thinking Ava, although Gypsy came to mind today and its NOT an A name obviously! I also like the name Zola or Zoila or Zora (as in Mask of Zora due to her black spot over one eye...butI think that that is too close to Zoe and her registered name wouldn't be a thankful/blessed name if I used mask of Zora or whatever). Again not an A.

The boys, Crockett and "Alamo" (thanks for the name Penni :) ). Crockett looks much bigger in the photo, but i think he has just more substance, they weigh almost the same.
More photos coming after check back :)


Sherilyn said...

They are coming along nicely!! :) Thanks for more photos! I was starting to go through withdrawal..LOL

Still waiting on Dream to come in...she's being stubborn!

Baledwr said...

I love the unique markings and the clear color on that blue faced girl. The white in odd areas. Of course I may be partial to weird white...

They look lovely.

penni said...

"Mr. Mismark"??? You don't mean it. If he's with Crockett, he's probably "Alamo".

gertie said...

Many thanks for the new photos! And Zoe looks great. She's already getting her figure back! She's so shiny and pretty. And those puppies! Too cute. What age do their eyes open?

Wanda ~ Bendi Cardigans said...

OMG!!! They are getting soooo big. They look great. Looks like Calamity has the same type marking behind her shoulders as Zoe. Can't wait to see them again in person.

Rayna said...

Well, you've got Calamity Jane, Crockett & need a....Belle Star? Cattle Kate? Miss Kitty? (lol!) Pearl Hart? Annie Oakley? That at least would be an A....hmmm...I'll keep thinking ;-)