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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

National photos

These photos were taken from John Phillips flickr website. I do not own these but will maybe be buying some from him! He took photos of every dog entered and even when they made the cuts!

So please enjoy a few of the photos of my dogs that he took.

I'll fill you in on the rest of the big news tomorrow! :)

Ballantyne in the black bitches in the Megan
 Ava in blue Merle bitches in the Megan.
 Ava again
 Ava being pulled the first time in Best of Breed, champion titled bitches

 Ballantyne in the Megan
 Cass man in sweeps.
 Campbell in sweeps
Above is Kim Keifer and I waiting for our sweeps class. Below, Ava being awarded runner up blue merle bitch
 Ballantyne in breed.
 Campbell moving in sweeps.
 Cass man moving in sweeps
 Ava again in the Megan.
 Campbell in bred by bitch
 Ava in Best of breed.
 Campbell in sweeps
 Campbell again
 Campbell on the table in bred by
 Ballantyne in Best of Breed.

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