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Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 week old photos

Trying to take photos of puppies being uncooperative is both humbling and nerve wracking!

First a few group photos :)

I have had zero inquiries for boys, so if any of you know of someone looking for a pup, or need one yourself, give me a holler! The girls are all spoken for in some manner or another.
Daffyt (M)
 Dago (M)
 Dietz (M) black brindle
 Dinham (M)
 Dunbar (M)
 Decker (M)
And now the girls:
Denley (F)
 Dia (F)
 Duffy (F)
 Delta (F) love the blk mask
 Delta (showing off her Mini-Ell replica)
 Ditty (F) also blk mask
 Ditty also looks like Ell here only in red brindle