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Friday, November 5, 2010

will it ever end?

I am burned out.

And now we only have less than 10 hours of daylight...many of which are too cold and frosted over to finish my clean ups. I need to get done SOON.

I skipped out of Sioux Falls on Saturday after Mitcham was clipped down. Apologies for those I didn't say goodbye to, but work DOES proceed any 'fun' I get to do.

In the week leading up to Sioux Falls I had to purchase a new truck. AND a new trailer. AND two new truck tires. The transmission and brakes and 45 little things on my truck deemed it time to look for a new truck. It had 182,000 miles on it and had a smaller engine than I wanted any more. I upgraded but its still not new. Bigger engine, the heavy half, four doors, etc. The trailer is now a tandem axle and 16 ft long (four feet longer than my last trailer) and 600 pounds LIGHTER! Needless to say I am/was a bit behind schedule and decided to go home a day early. Congrats to the winners on Sunday and sorry I had to miss it, but duty calls!

Mower broke down this week...two belts broke and guess what! NONE in the state of Minnesota to replace them! They had to be special ordered. *SIGH*

Lord help me......

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