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Monday, August 1, 2016

Cora at 21 months old

When i see how far she's matured it just makes me stop and appreciate her virtues. I'm so excited about her future! Thanks Steph for being such a fantastic home, and for also seeing Cora's virtues.

Madhatter The Red Queen at Ebonwald "Maren"

Its been a while since i've posted to the blog. My apologies. With the facebook page being much easier to post, this sometimes gets forgotten.

When I bred Brewer to Ava, I was looking for something black/white to go forward with, that blended to two familes I was breeding from. Instead, I got a pretty merle with tan points, named Ellie, who went to live in Colorado. I had hoped, that i would be able to get a black/white girl out of Ellie someday, to bring back in to the stuff I was working with. 

After searching for a few years, and then having no luck with the first sire we tried, we found a nice male, named Keeper, to use over Ellie. Below is one of the results from that breeding.

Please welcome Maren, back in to the Ebonwald crew. I have referred to her since birth as Ballantyne 2.0. And for those who know ballantyne, she finished her CH and GCH titles quickly, has been a fantastic producer and is currently doing juniors, obedience and was the #9 an then #12 Owner Handled Cardigan in 2016 for June and July respectively. 

So I hope Maren will produce and show like her Great Aunt Ballantyne!

Thank you Stephanie for all your teamwork and being a fantastic breeder.