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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just waiting.....

Crockett's blog

Crockett is now Little Beaver and he's causing chaos at Sharrie's place! I didn't know if everyone who reads this follows him, so thought I'd give him the spotlight again :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Head count

Head count.....well..skull count is 8 for sure, possibly a ninth hiding under the chicken back/necks she had for breakfast :) :) OOOOPS! Forgot about the fasting!

Ell has gained a mere 7 pounds, with a week to go, but she is already miserable. She is carrying most of them up under her ribs, and her diaphragm (according to radiographs) is pushing up into her lungs and heart, causing her to pant excessively and be very uncomfortable. She's already sleeping in the whelping box and she gathers all the blankets and makes a huge pile and then lays across the top of it, with the 'peak' of the pile under her front armpits. Poor girl. She's so crabby and Ava is super bored now that Alamo is gone to his Seattle home. She's eating well, four meals a day that are smaller. Lots of liver, kidney and mackerel, burger, necks/backs etc. She's getting a few supplements now like Vit E, Vit C and I'm still searching for Vit B complex for dogs. I asked my old roomie who is a pharmacist and she said they don't have drops for infant people for B, but they have them for C, D, and E. I wonder if the B complex I use for my Sheep would work? Thoughts?

I'm coming down to the wire and can't seem to find anything.

I'm also panicked about her whelping, since Zoe's random ordeal. I've talked with several other breeders and they say rest periods are normal, as are 1-2 hours between puppies (live ones even). Can I try to be patient like that? the waiting for 8 weeks is nothing compared to the minutes between puppies! I'm a little gun shy but realize she will probably be fine. I have my vet and a vet tech on stand by for when she goes in to labor, they'll both come over to help, and are prepared to do an emergency section on her, even though they don't do emergency surgeries after hours or on weekends! Isn't my vet the greatest??!!

The vet measured all the puppy skulls and Ell's pelvis opening and they will all easily pass through . It appears there is one smaller pup than the rest, but otherwise all look uniform.

I know Pilot carries black, and Ell SHOULD carry black as her sire is black. If my genetics are correct, I should also get reds/sables from Ell, but not sure if Pilot carries that? I could get pinks if they carry that, I can get fluffs and I could get mismarks...Ell had a mismark litter sister I believe.

I'm sure, my luck is all puppies will be brindle, or the reds/blacks will be fluffs or mismarks. Or I could get a whole litter of BOYS like Denise did....LOL. Oh that was kinda suck. I'd like to run a girl and a boy from this litter, but who knows what will shake out. So many plans and they aren't even here yet.

Patience was never my strong suit.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ell, Mitcham and Alamo

Ell goes in for her radiograph today. I talked to the head of a vet clinic at the vet school, and she said that any time after day 40-42 you can radiograph to count babies. Since I didn't ultrasound, I wanted to see how many NOW, as she still has a week to go, but she's giving me a lot of signs of whelping early (or its just my mind playing tricks on does that a lot).

Alamo and I are going to Minneapolis tonight as he flies out to his new home in Seattle tomorrow! He's going to be a big city dog and will have an older Cardigan sibling to antagonize :) I am promised photos when he gets there so fingers crossed for him and his new family!

I'll report back on Ell when I know how many!

Is anyone going to Milwaukee to the West Allis shows this next weekend? I have to get Mitcham there and I am unable to go as Ell is due to whelp that friday/saturday (if she holds out long enough). I could meet you somewhere half way in the next few days if that would help. I'd pay you for your gas of course naturally!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Belly Watch T minus 12 days...or so

Do you think she'll have a couple? Her udder is barely swollen but her belly is humongous! She already is unable to jump up onto the couches, or the ottoman to get in to bed. The photo above was taken tonight, just minutes ago. The next two are from yesterday. I call her my Buddha Belly Baby....:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ava stacked photos @ 11 weeks

I noticed on Carolyn's blog a slight hint at wanting more stacked photos. This is Ava, whose registered name has yet to be finalized. I"m having a heck of time being quick witted with my names :)

None of these photos are perfect, but with the help of my Tervuren friend and agility instructor Deb Hoff, I was able to get some fairly representative photos of the little baddog.

All around I would say an improvement on Zoe which is what I wanted. Stronger rear, more bone, more prominent chest, thus far, AND she has Zoe's sweetest of sweet temperament, her need to lick faces every chance she gets, and the ability to sleep on her back all the time. I think the little stinker moves fairly nice too. She refuses to cooperate on a lead yet, so we'll work on that :)

Critiques and comments are welcome!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden update

Westminster results: BOB Harvey, BOS Scout, AOM Powell, AOM Slick

Friday, February 12, 2010


Tape is off as of yesterday. They can now hear again :) lol. I had both taped up the same. I notice that Ava has much larger ears than Alamo. I hope she grows into them :) My red eye fixer upper thing is NOT working I appologize. They look like zombies!

So innocent.......and always at my makes it hard to take photos!

Ears still taped here.....
Isn't he just the cutest? He's still available. I've had a few inquiries as of late, but nothing solid.
I did use masking tape on the ears and then made the bridge. Followed by WHITE duct tape (who knew it came in colors??) so it wouldn't be so offensive to look at.

Zoe, since she's weaned them finally (even past the willingly wanting them to nurse on dry nipples) has decided that they are THE best thing to play with! With Ell be the grumpy hormonal girl now, Zoe is acting like a puppy again. Sarah I do think this happens to all bitches with puppies this age? Syd and Zoe seem to be doing their 2nd childhood. Zoomies and all! Poor Ava...always getting chewed on by Alamo. She DOES get even though!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Ultrasound......


I didn't take Ell in for an ultrasound. There was no need.

This past week I've been calling frantically saying 'she reabsorbed the whelp!' or 'no she isn't pregnant, she's just fat from all the good food at Carolyn's'.


I decided today.

I didn't take her in.

Do you know why??

WOHOO!! YIPPEE!!! Pie babies are a cookin'!

She was bred Days 11, 13 and 14 by A.I.'s which were dates Jan 2nd, 4th and 5th. Her last two breedings she was more receptive. These photos were taken on Day 35 from the LAST A.I.

The belly photos do not do her justice. Her nipples are very swollen and her belly is HUGE for what she normally is. I need to take photos of the girls bellies like when they are 3 months away from their heat so i can get a 'svelte' photo of them.

Count down begins...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Puppy Party pics and video

My friend Jen Frisby made an awesome new Corgi website:

The first link is right to the video and photos of that day. It seems like just yesterday.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is she or isn't she?

Well its been four weeks since her AI's. She sleeps a lot, lays at my feet almost all of the time, and has nearly had to be force fed as she refuses to eat. I love her little Budha belly. This all is VERY UNLIKE HER! She is usually very A.D.O.S (attention deficit......oh SHINY!) and very busy and wants to play. She would NOT play with Justice or the puppies since she's been home, and tends to hide under my chair to get away from them.
The other side...and different angle.
Day 31 today from the last AI. We will do ultra sound on Wednesday as the next few days look to be busy with snow removal. FINALLY.

Mitcham and Ava refuse to tell me their opinion on Ell's pregnancy. They also look VERY innocent here, which means they aren't. Ava is a BAD.DOG. She still runs the other way when I call her, she hides under furniture and potties in the house. Alamo in less than a week appears to be house trained already. Thank Goodness one down, one to go!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Puppy Party Photos (yes five days late)

ok ok. Yes I'm trying to catch up :)

These pups are raring to go waiting for the onslaught of new Cardis and people to meet!
BELOW: (sorry this photo had to be put in. I hadn't posted it before I don't think. This is nearly a month late...sorry sorry sorry!)
Here is another photo of pre puppy play date
Here is Nancy (Justice's new owner) giving treats to the mob of adult cardigans. Myrtle is out of this photo!
Zoe giving Rob some much needed loving. Sisters Zoe and Myrtle are both face lickers (as are the puppies out of Zoe and Hux)
This photo shows Crockett (now Little Beaver) resting on Nancy's lap. Daisy is loving the pats from Jen and Rob and Myrtle is looking at Nancy for pets.
Nikki is giving treats now. It looks like a mob scene.
Myrtle and Daisy getting some lovin' while Zoe is on a mission to find some.
Oliver loves Nikki! They go way back :)

Here is another one of Daisy and Jen. Daisy LOVED everyone, and was sitting on all of their laps, asking to be pet, and constantly in the midst of the activity. I was so proud of her!

And now a few photos of the POST puppy party. They all slept well! I did move them to their individual crates for night time napping. I love how their heads fall over the sides of the bed. That just can't be comfortable.

New Cardigan Blog to follow

My little Janey went to Oregon to be part of Spyrock Kennel! Missy flew to Minneapolis yesterday to pick her up. She lives just 30 minutes or so from Carolyn so they'll be able to see "grandma Carolyn" from time to time!

Welcome Missy to the fold!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching UP! So much has happened!!

I was being gently prodded by Sarah to post some photos and get everyone caught up with my doggie life :)

Below are some photos to play 'catch up' with. Janey here being so stinking adorable. She is such a love.

Walkin' about....
Yup, she's a tan pointed blue! (very light tan)

Here little Crockett man is looking for just the tiniest bit of affection from Sadie and hoping she'll let him share the space with her and Mitcham. It didn't work
This face is pretty much the cutest face ever. I'm not even partial.
My nephew is the cutest thing too! Here he is dancing. One day he just started dancing by twisiting his torso to and fro, and moving his feet up and down and back and forth, AND he claps his hands to the beat and slaps his knee when a really good song comes on. He's so cute.
Chase here with Grandpa and two of the pups.
Alamo's favorite spot is to sit on the treadmill. Here he can see his 'kingdom' and all his subjects. Erica said he would rule the world some day. I have no doubt in my mind that he will! (he is still available to a pet home too!)

On Saturday, Justice went to his new forever home. While I felt Justice has some redeeming qualities, there were also some things that his breeder and I decided were just not going to turn out. I was sad that he was my second tri boy that I've had to home as I just love that marking and its getting seemingly more rare all the time (he was the only tri dog at Western Reserve this year....there was one tri bitch only also). I do think however if you are going to show, you must only show the best. Not just what you have available. Justice still had a level top line and he wasn't out at the elbows which are two of my pet peeves. There is more to a dog obviously, and he still moved well and such, but some things just didn't seem to turn out. I hope I'm wrong and he turns out smashing and I'm kicking myself.However the home he went to is probably the best home ever! Nancy has two other Cardigans (10 yrs and 9 yrs old) and Justice has brought puppy hood back to them and to their househould. He has fit right in and they are already talking obedience, rally, therapy dog to name just a few. Justice is also cattle and sheep experienced too!. Nancy, when trialing competitively was in the top 10 Cardigans of the year for obedience and agility when she had her dogs competing, so he is going to be a great dog with her! Make sure you watch for updates on him.

The best part is he is now in Fargo, so I'll be able to see him at trials and whenever I have time to visit him. So I guess I'm lucky too :)