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Monday, March 11, 2024

8 years has flown by

 Our last blog post was in 2016. that seems like a lifetime ago. So much has changed, and yet i feel like i'm still the same person. 

Our website is down thanks to closing shop after being bought by VistaPrint. They were not helpful in getting my websites back. So we will find time hopefully this year to do that!

Since 2016 we have moved. We purchased a farmette in Illinois on the Wisconsin border. I have an amazing job in Madison WI. We have had success with our dogs and continue to try and move the line forward each year with quality and improvements.

I am hopeful those that follow this blog also follow our facebook page. If you are an owner of Ebonwald dogs, we do have a private group that we can add you to on facebook. this is a great group of owners who share in their accomplishments, console each other during hardships, and ask questions that get answered by a lot of knowledable folks. 

we do have email yet as well. if you need it, let me know and i can send it to you.

Hope you are well.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Cora at 21 months old

When i see how far she's matured it just makes me stop and appreciate her virtues. I'm so excited about her future! Thanks Steph for being such a fantastic home, and for also seeing Cora's virtues.

Madhatter The Red Queen at Ebonwald "Maren"

Its been a while since i've posted to the blog. My apologies. With the facebook page being much easier to post, this sometimes gets forgotten.

When I bred Brewer to Ava, I was looking for something black/white to go forward with, that blended to two familes I was breeding from. Instead, I got a pretty merle with tan points, named Ellie, who went to live in Colorado. I had hoped, that i would be able to get a black/white girl out of Ellie someday, to bring back in to the stuff I was working with. 

After searching for a few years, and then having no luck with the first sire we tried, we found a nice male, named Keeper, to use over Ellie. Below is one of the results from that breeding.

Please welcome Maren, back in to the Ebonwald crew. I have referred to her since birth as Ballantyne 2.0. And for those who know ballantyne, she finished her CH and GCH titles quickly, has been a fantastic producer and is currently doing juniors, obedience and was the #9 an then #12 Owner Handled Cardigan in 2016 for June and July respectively. 

So I hope Maren will produce and show like her Great Aunt Ballantyne!

Thank you Stephanie for all your teamwork and being a fantastic breeder.

Monday, July 20, 2015

GCH Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight "Brewer"

I got to see my 'old' guy this weekend, when my parents visited. He was born March 4, 2010, so 5 and 1/3 years old. 

He is out of BISS GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree (Pilot) x CH Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a Q.T. CGC STDs 1/2STDc (Ell). He has sired three litters to date (Ava, Amy and Summer). major pointed kids, champion kids, and lots of loved pet homes!

He is OFA good, PennHIP 90%, PRA line clear, DM normal/clear, EE (does not carry pink), Cardiac Normal, CERF, fluff carrier. 

I absolutely adore his temperament, his sweep/silhoutte and his bred type. His head and expression are exactly what I think of, when I think of a Cardigan male. While not perfect, he does have his virtues, as well as a complete out cross to the black lines with Carbon or Fudge in them. 
He is available to approved bitches.

Link to pedgiree:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

lots of blues coming

It is a busy time for the Ebonwald girls. Our fluffy girl, Naveen, is being leased by my good friend (and also Naveen's co-breeder), Missy, out in Oregon. Naveen is due around the end of this month. For inquiries out on the west coat, please email her at She will be the sole breeder on this litter.

This is a nice pedigree, which can be seen at

Secondly, her aunt, Ava, has been bred to Maxwell (below). She is due around August 12/13 and will be whelped here in Iowa. For information this litter, please contact me at

their pedigree can be seen at this link:

Lastly, Ava's daughter in Colorado, Ellie, will be bred to Thief when she comes in to season, which should be soon. Puppies will be due sept/october, and the litter will be co-bred by Madhatter Cardigans and Myself. For inquiries for this litter, please contact them at

the link to the pedigree can be found below:

Monday, March 30, 2015

just excited

some new photos. First photo is Cora. I just keep falling more in love with her each week..

And there is the handsome Olaf sitting, and moving. I love his type He oozes it. I can't get enough.

And here is Monroe. He is Ebonwald's Having a Hay Day. His sire is GCH Toreth Sunshine There Be Dragons and dam is Ebonwalds Brace For Impact at Toshay (major pointed). He is DM clear by parents (both parents tested normal/clear)

Monroe is currently hanging out with me in Iowa, but I would consider placing him in a show home with breeding rights. If you're interested please message me at ebonwald at gmail dot com.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Up and Comers

So these are my 'keepers' from the Tiger x Ballantyne litter, born 11/14/14. 

The first black brindle girl is Cora. (Formerly Helga). From birth she was the 'one' who I was drawn to. I am glad to see that others also appreciate her type and quality.

 The next girl is Ingrid. She was to go to another show home and they decided to go a different direction. I am so glad they did, as her quality and type are just exquisite! I am so excited to watch he grow as well. Different than her sister, above, but all the same refinement, bone, angles as Cora, and just as beautiful of head and expression.


Their handsome brother Olaf is below. He caught my eye as a youngster and I prayed that others would see his quality. The depth of quality in the litter was apparent (even with the fluffs!) and his soft eye and expression is exactly what I think of, when I think of a Cardigan. 



This girl is NOT a littermate to the brindles above. She is KiaLoa (formerly Gia) who is out of the Captain x Ballantyne litter born 8/14/13. She was DNA tested to be homozygous black, and homozygous 'wolf agouti' or 'wild type' (meaning she is not sable or tri). She is turning in to a lovely lady and even though she is technically not showable, her merits as a brood bitch are evident. I cannot wait to see what she produces when she is older and has her health tests complete.


In case anyone missed it, we have moved to Iowa for a job transfer/promotion. We have downsized our pack so all the above dogs are living with friends in show homes.  We are ultimately looking for a small farm in SW Wisconsin to call home, so we can bring all the dogs back together and the sheep, cattle, chicken and hogs as well :)

Stay tuned for more updates!